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Tim Spiese & Manya (Marion) Menapace

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Tim Spiese of Lancaster Against Pipelines says, "I am a board member of Lancaster Against Pipelines. We received this donation offer from a woman who spoke at one of Governor Wolf’s pipeline infrastructure task force meetings and attended one of our direct action protests. Her gratitude, love of the earth and her willingness to give what she can is what grass roots is about. Thank you Marion!

'Dear Tim,

I was able to attend one of your protests, but I am ancient and, after this winter and a minor stroke, am unable to be physically active. I’m so grateful to Lancaster and the work you all have done. I know you are having fundraisers. I have very little money, but would like to make a donation. Please supply me with an address where I can send it? Will a check do?

The pipeline here in Columbia County is running just above my kitchen. It’s not on my property, but since all land is sacred, it’s a desecration. My love and good wishes to your all.

Manya (Marion) Menapace'"

- Tim Spiese

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