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Tammy Murphy

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

I was on the fortunate end of a very sad story that began in northeastern Pennsylvania. While I was there, I met yet another landowner that was negatively impacted by the unconventional

gas development industry. The aquifer under the farm land had been polluted by the industry and although a supply of water was given to the landowners for five years, that time had passed and the aquifer was still toxic. With no water supply, the farmer had to move and was in the process of heart-breakingly letting go of all of the livestock, the farming equipment and the only way of life ever they had ever known. Uncertain of the future, the landowner also wanted to find a new home for the youngest pet, a sweet puppy. This sweet pup is now our family pet in Philadelphia. He is well loved and adjusting to the life of a city dog. I know it broke the farmer's heart to say goodbye to the sweet puppy and so many other things but the industry's destruction of their way of life has led to these painful decisions, while the non-disclosure agreements keep people silent and scared and without remedy after their five-year water supply runs dry.

- Tammy Murphy

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