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November 11, 2022

For Planning Purposes

Karen Feridun, 610-678-7726,


Tuesday: Climate Countdown Clock Exhibit at Capitol Ends. Will It Stay or Will It Go?


The Better Path Coalition and organizers of the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence will hold a ceremony and press event in the East Rotunda at noon to either celebrate that the Department of General Services (DGS) has reversed its decision or mourn that the clock is leaving the place it needs to be.


The groups have called on DGS to reconsider its decision to reject the request to make the clock’s installation in the East Wing permanent. They have cited the PA Pension Debt clock that has been on display since February 24, 2016, nearly seven years. The Climate Countdown Clock has been listed as an exhibit on the Capitol Events calendar every day since it was installed only five months ago. The PA Pension Debt Clock appeared on the calendar as an exhibit for the first time on November 3, the day after the letter rejecting the groups’ request was dated and the day before the letter was emailed to the Better Path Coalition. The groups contend that suddenly enforcing rules after seven years is just as unfair as treating the two clocks so differently in the first place.


The Celebration or Celebration of Life will include speakers, music, and pallbearers carrying the clock out of the capitol (if the clock must be removed).


Confirmed Speakers:

Sandy Strauss, PA Council of Churches

Katie Ruth, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light

Kevin Long, Intertwined, A Faith Community

Ellen Gerhart, Camp White Pine

Dawn Kane, Better Path Coalition

Rachel Mark, Better Path Coalition

Tammy Murphy, Physicians for Social Responsibility PA

Karen Feridun, Better Path Coalition


What: Climate Countdown Clock Celebration or Celebration of Life

When: Tuesday, 11/15, noon

Where: East Wing Atrium

Visuals: Climate Countdown Clock, second biggest in the country

Depending on DGS’ decision, pallbearers carrying clock draped in black cloth out of the Capitol




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