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It is our goal to be the drumbeat in Harrisburg, always urging our government officials to act on climate. Being the drumbeat requires a lot of drummers and a lot of planning, so we decided to come up with an organizing theme for the year that will help us plan the next action as we're executing the current one. Bearing Witness is that theme.

We thought Bearing Witness would be an appropriate theme because we've already decided that our day of action at the Capitol during Convergence 2 this fall will be a people's hearing when people will testify at the Capitol, DEP, DOH, DCED, PUC, and other government offices.

We started the year with a letter to Governor Shapiro and his transition team that laid out more than 30 priorities for his administration. We worked with Food & Water Watch to deliver a letter and petition calling on Governor Shapiro to reinstate the ban on drilling in Dimock on Day 1 of his administration. We also held the first of a series of legislative briefings. It featured Dr. John Stolz presenting on the book he co-edited entitled Environmental Impact from the Development of Unconventional Oil & Gas Reserves.

We'd planned to deliver our Worth Protecting book in January too, but our legislature is in such disarray that they're not even in Harrisburg. The Senate won't be there until the end of February, so we've rescheduled our delivery for February 28 and have planned a Valentine's-themed e-postcard campaign to precede it.

The first postcard is targeting Shapiro only, calling on him to reinstate the ban on drilling in Dimock since he didn't act or even respond to our letter and petition.

Send the Week 1 e-postcard to Shapiro

We'll continue to update this page with actions you can take. The next four postcards will be sent each Tuesday to coincide with both Valentine's Day and the Worth Protecting delivery. If you'd like to help with the delivery, let us know by filling out this short form.

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